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Sascha Breuer - hairstylist to the stars


As a professional stylist for over three decades, I had a front row seat to beauty industry leading companies and practices.  As the world around me became more aware of sustainability and the environment, I started paying closer attention to the ingredients in the products I was using, the sustainability of the manufacturers, and the amount of waste created in packaging.  I started focusing on the everyday choices I was making in everything from my clothes to my household products; I wanted to be part of the solution.

I started researching and examining the products I was using at work.  Could I find a cleaner or more sustainable brand?  Could I find clean beauty brands which would be reliable enough for professional use?  As I tested the products in professional settings, I built lists of trusted  brands and products which passed the testing process and started sharing the information with others.

As I adopted a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I began introducing sustainable technology in my home.  I added solar panels.  I started learning more about water recycling systems.  I wanted to live in harmony with nature and inspire others, but I wasn’t quite sure how to begin…until my wife, Kate, and I traveled to the mountains of Southern California.

On a fateful trip to Idyllwild, CA, I immediately felt bonded to the natural beauty of the San Bernardino Forest mountain town.  What if I built an eco-conscious prototype cabin here, which could eventually inspire a community?  Idyhaven was born! 

As I built ways to give back to Mother Nature in Idyllwild’s pristine natural setting, I began to notice more of what could be done to give back in the city via adopting earth-conscious technologies in home building.  As I thought more about home building, I began paying closer attention to all the people around me who were without homes.

If we are a part of nature, and we should help nature, then we should also help people.  What could I do, as a professional hairstylist, to help the complicated situations of people experiencing homelessness?  The Kind Cut was born!  I founded the organization as a way to create opportunities for volunteers to come together and provide food, supplies, and haircuts for people in need.

The Kind Cut’s events provided a forum for me to share my ideas.  As I started talking to other hairdressers about my philosophy to “live well & give well,” I realized how many people would prefer clean beauty products if given information and access.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm of my clients and colleagues, I founded the Sascha Breuer Clean Beauty Shop.  I’m happy to share my carefully cultivated list with you here today.  Happy shopping!

Born holding a hair dryer, a 3rd generation hairstylist.
Raised in our family hair salon sink in Mettmann, Germany.
Studied at Wella Studio in Dusseldorf.
Perfected running with scissors.
Earned qualifications at Toni & Guy Headquarters & Academy in Stuttgart.
Headed advanced cutting, coloring and styling seminars at Toni & Guy Academy.
Received Master Craftsman Diploma, certified to teach.
Ace, mate! Relocated to London.
Collaborated with Rankin, Peter Linbergh, Ben Hassett, Simon Emmet and others.
Work featured in Vogue, Numéro, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, AnOther Magazine.
Tackled manes around the globe.
Work featured in ads for Rolls Royce, Nike, Wella, Apple, and others.
Became international spokesperson for Wella.
Honored in Fashion Germany, by Martina Rank.
Uncle Sam called! Relocated to the United States.
Established celebrity clientele.
Started to examine beauty industry practices & waste.
Established the The Kind Cut.
Switched to clean beauty products.
Established Idyhaven, an eco-friendly oasis.
Established the Sascha Breuer Clean Beauty Shop.






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