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Escape, Revive, Reconnect. Idyhaven is the ultimate eco-friendly utopia.

escape to the ultimate

soul sanctury

Idyhaven is the perfect place to disconnect from the hectic pace of city life and reconnect to the peace and serenity of nature. Set amongst the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest, the cabin is nestled between towering pines, fragrant cedars, and magnificent boulders. Enjoy the epic view of Marion Mountain and an al fresco meal. Take a dip in the hot tub or curl up in the hammock and read a book. Enjoy the peace and serenity of mountain living at its best.

Mindful living

Mindful Living
Mindful Living


We installed our Solar Panels and are about to install Tesla power walls making the cabin energy efficient and able to run off-grid when needed.

integrated sustainability

off-grid efficiency

Idyhaven is truly our haven. When we first found our cabin we were flabbergasted by its spectacular view of Marion Mountain. Earlier that year we had taken a late honeymoon in Japan, where we were lucky enough to experience a fantastic hotel in Mt. Fuji – all of the cabins there were arranged to have a private view of the volcano. The experience of having a private view gave us the inspiration to recreate the feeling of our own private mountain. Idyhaven was born.

We fell in love with Idyllwild on our first visit, as do most people who visit this special town. Nature is abundant here and having witnessed so many visitors enjoying this unique environment over the years, we are determined to give back by embracing a carbon-neutral approach. Our cabin has solar panels and energy-saving appliances. All our used water flows to a grey-water system where it is used to water our garden and grounds. We installed a drinking-water filtration system to actively encourage our guests to avoid bringing single-use plastic to the mountains. In line with this approach, our housekeeping crew uses only biodegradable products and laundry detergent, We also provide vegan, cruelty-free amenities for our guests during their stay.